3 tips to improve your online humanitarian job hunt

Whether you are a fresh graduate with your diploma or a seasoned professional. It does not matter. Any job seeker in the humanitarian sector finds the same problems searching on job boards all around the web.

Apply these methods in jobs4dev app and your job search will be more successful surfing amongst  more than 3,000 jobs that are now open, and that are accessible through the app. Here are a few tips that may help you find some interesting opportunities.

Stop searching solely for your current job title

Think out of the box. A common error is to only think for a certain job or position rather than  the skills you actually have. That drives you to frustration, find less offers and may lead you to dismiss many opportunities that would be perfect for you.

Think  what you have learnt from  your education and experience, then decide what you want to do, not which position would fit. Use those skills and interests as keywords. Don´t search for “Data Analyst” only, but “Evaluation”, “Reporting” etc…It will be less specific but can find you interesting job opportunities.

You love an Organization? Check all the positions offered by them

There is nothing bad in aiming towards certain organizations. You are motivated to work there for a reason: their mission, ethics  and work opportunities. Your commitment to their work is very important for the human resources team. UNHCR, The UN Agency for refugees, for example, when applying they only want to know two things, why are you interested in working with them and why in that specific position. Motivation means everything for them and many other organizations.

But most of the time you will not find that perfect role that fits you. Instead of dismissing that organization, take a look to others jobs that they have opened, maybe there are opportunities to join them in a position that includes other skills and experience you have.

Enter in jobs4dev app and search on filters and select an Organization Name. All the offers created by the organization will be displayed.

Country filter is your friend

The organization of your dreams doesn’t have a position fits at the moment? You are not sure which keywords are perfect for determining your skills? Think about which countries you might want to work! We, the international humanitarian workers are open to leave our country, and work elsewhere. It is part of the job and it shows our commitment to the cause. But maybe, instead of thinking globally you can try to focus in a specific country.

You can select a country because of convenience or because you may know that, due to an unfolding or long term crisis, this country is in special need of motivated humanitarians like you. The country filter will show you many opportunities that are out there or hidden, and it’s a great opportunity to discover other organizations that are working locally and are not as famous as those United Nations agencies that we all know.


Remember to check what you searched for the last time. If you use jobs4Dev the app will do the work for you. In your next visit your last searches will be there, waiting for you!

Good luck and happy job hunting!

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