Design of a harmonized information management system for International Labour Organization

As a partnership between the UN’s International Labour Organization and the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, Better Work brings diverse groups together – governments, global brands, factory owners, and unions and workers – to improve working conditions in the garment industry and make the sector more competitive.

We partner up with ILO-Better Work to help
them design an innovative information
management system, able to gather and
synthetize data on their impact and

Based on the growing need to adopt an approach that creates lasting, positive change through assessments, training, advocacy and research, Better Work assists partner enterprises in improving practices involving coreILO labour standards and national labour law.

Accompanied by Relief Applications, Better work is structuring its systems to efficiently respond to large numbers of vulnerable workers in developing countries in an innovative way.

In light of new IT developments and global trends – automation, robotics, artificial intelligence – data is predicted to become more complex and to be increasingly collected directly from its source through new means such as Internet of Things, mobile applications and social media.

Furthermore, as industry standards and approaches keep changing, and Better Work is expanding to new industries and countries, program’s data needs are expected to change over the years. After having analyzed their two main existing system to asses compliance ina dynamic and collaborative way, we are in the process of designing a prototype platform to collect and categorize data in different datasets according to global/local reach and specificity, purpose and legal reference. We will test this tool within the Indonesia team as soon the final draft of the new assessment will be validated through a collaborative process involving all stakeholders and team members.

In the meanwhile, we are working in close contact with Better Work to put the user at the center of the development process and, as a result, improve the way they meet their needs. User-centered design means partnering withusers throughout the project’s lifecycle, co-creating solutions, and continuously gathering and incorporating users’ feedback.

By designing with the users, and not for them,
we can build digital tools to better address
the specific context, behaviours and
expectations of final product user.

As such, we are helping Better Work to shift to an incremental and iterative development process that allows for improving users’ current processes, saving time, using fewer resources and improving quality.

Machine Learning

An important step in making assessment procedures more efficient will be through the use of Mobile Data Collection (MDC) techniques, the first step will be to develop standardized options for questionnaires and automated data analysis without requiring data transformation.

We will help Better Work to look into Machine
Learning capacities to leverage their
extensive historical data and how to use it to
predict possible answers

To go beyond this, we will help Better Work to look into Machine Learning capacities to leverage their extensive historical data and how to use it to predict possible answers to a set questions and propose pre-determined options to the user.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a new technical field referring to the interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. In this direction we are also implementing with Better Work a pilot project regarding the use of connected devices such as sensors.

Working with factories, Better Work collects large amounts of data which need to be collected in real time at factory level. In partnership with each supplier the pilot will allow the installation of devices in their factories to measure with high precision levels of noise, temperature and humidity, granting an elevated degree of transparency of information and accountability towards all stakeholders.

Our journey with Better Work has just started but it is already looking really interesting and ready to scale up, stay connected to know all about this project!

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