Mapping health programmes in Sierra Leone

We are working with Montrose on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation of Sierra Leone on a new platform that allows users to access real-time maps and information of health programmes by region within the country.

Sierra Leone had suffered in the past years an Ebola outbreak (2014-2016) and high risk of a Cholera outbreak after the floods suffered in 2017. These events had required a huge mobilisation of resources to health programmes:  Half a million people in Sierra Leone was vaccinated against Cholera in months, and the fight against Ebola continues until this day.

Example map of Sierra Leone health programmes displayed in the platform

This experiences increased the pressure for Sierra Leone authorities for building health systems capable of preventing, detecting and responding to outbreaks. This had become an urgent and formidable task, and international organizations have had a role in this development.

Montrose approached Relief Applications with a simple but ambitious goal: to build a platform that could help Sierra Leone health authorities to monitor all the health programmes ongoing in the country, making the information accesible and easy to understand to any stakeholder through the development of a map that would include all the health programmes ongoing in the country by region.

The result is a great project that could have a big impact for Monitoring & Evaluation of countrywide health initiatives.

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